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They are stories where some words, phrases or sentences are repeated several times in order to help the readers or listeners follow the story better or engage their attention easily


         Because telling them is a quick and efficient way to engage students with limited verbal skills.
         Telling this kind of stories can    result on natural language acquisition.
         They are easy to remember, so the students can retell them.
         They constitute an effective way    to teach complex vocabulary or    structures since they can    be constantly repeated in the    story.
          This kind of stories is not passive   at all.
          There is always something for   the children to do while the story  is being told.
        It increases the level of comprehension in students especially those who have difficulty with reading
          Adapt the story to the age and level of the students.
         Use visual aids when telling the story.

         Involve students in the story as much as possible. Using “listen and join in” activities always has good results.



                                 HABLEMOS EN INGLES

Cuando uno desea aprender busca todas las estrategias posibles para aprender, me quede sorprendida con este alumno de 5to de secundaria al ver como apoyaba a su compañero para que pueda entablar la conversación en Inglés. Se colocó el dialogo en la frente para ayudar a su compañero a mantener el contacto visual en la conversación y utlizó la técnica del look up and say technique. Esta técnica no requiere memorizar el dialogo solo basta leer las líneas de la conversación mentalmente y repetirlas mirando a su compañero . Esta técnica es muy útil porque permite que los alumnos interactúen al conversar en una forma real y natural. Esta es una de las características más importantes de esta técnica ,especialmente cuando se aprende un idioma extranjero porque permite que los alumnos desarrollen la fluidez del idioma. Como docente del area de Inglés estoy convencida  que la técnica look up and say technique es muy buena para ayudar a los estudiantes a desarrollar la habilidad de speaking en la enseñanza del idioma Ingles

Monsignor Lorenzo Adorni Tuperti



 Monsignor Lorenzo Adorni Tuperti was born in Busetto , region of Parma - Italy on June 17 ,1920. He went to elementary school in Coltera town. He grew up in a catholic family that is why when he was 18 years old because of God’s call he entered the Missionary Institute of Penago - Italy. In 1934, he came to Peru to

continue with his ecclesiastic studies in "Saint Toribio" Seminar in Lima. He moved to Huancayo in 1945 and continued his studies in this city in “Saint Pio X seminar” where he received the title of Deacon and later on he would ordain as a priest. After that, he was transferred to Trujillo city and continued with his works. 

  Thus, on August 15, 1965 he founded Dante Alighieri School on the south part of Trujillo and from which he would become the Principal for 33 years. During this time he was very concerned about the integral education of children and teenagers ; next to the school, he built up Saint Martin de Porres church with the help of many generous Trujillian people.

   He also worked hard with the Aguarunas y Huambitas youngsters by giving them lodge, food and scholarships in technological institutes like Senati y Sencico to study a profession that they would later use in their communities. Likewise, he helped the Seminarists to prepare  for the priesthood  by giving them spiritual guide.

As a Religion teacher, he delivered the God’s word and instilled values, good morals in students to nurture the qualities that would enhance their moral growth.

He worked as a Religion teacher in "Santa Isabel" G.U.E school in Huancayo, "José Faustino Sánchez Carrión" G.U.E school, San Jose Obrero school,” Juan Pablo II” Pedagogic Institute and Dante Alighieri school in Trujillo. In 1997.As a principal of Dante Alighieri School, he worked closely with the students by giving them support and spiritual guide.  He was Italian but he loved Peru, He was fascinated by the Peruvian culture, customs and traditions that is why he was always interested in diffusing the Peruvian culture through the art of dance. 

In 1997, for his remarkable work  in  education Monsignor Lorenzo Adorni  Tuperti was awarded the "Palmas Magisteriales en Grado de Comemdador" by the Peruvian Ministry of Education, recognition that marked his life as an educator. The award granted by the Republic of Peru, is recognized as one o f the most significant awards to citizen who have shown, in their academic and profesional lives, an oustanding contribution to education, science and culture of Peru.
 After this, other authorities like the Mayor Jose Murgia Zanier, the archbishopric and VII Region Director also congratulate and gave him recognition for this great achievement.

In 1998, after 33 years he decided to retire from the administration of the school because he was tired and very sick . He died on September 1st, 2003 at 8:06 pm at Víctor Lazarte Hospital-Trujillo when he was 83 years old. After his death, he left a great emptiness among the people who loved and admired him. He was mourned at Dante Alighieri School and at Basilica Mayor Cathedral. During his funeral lots of people, teachers, students and the religious community of Trujillo followed him to his final resting place.   He has gotten many awards for his great work as shepherd, teacher, and priest; however, none of these recognitions could reach his great labor. Now, the people who have had the chance to meet this great and generous man can only feel respect, esteem and admiration when remembering.



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Wham! - Last Christmas, Music Video, Song Lyrics and Karaoke


I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all the PRONAFCAP participants in the English area for their great commitment all these months long. I hope you continue working hard in the hopes you can reach your professional development for the benefit of our students and the education in Peru.